What to Do Before You Clean Your Garage

by Jess Rehll - January 12, 2023

New Year’s is right around the corner and what better way to ring in the new year than to clean out your garage? It’s the perfect New Year’s resolution–a one-and-done task that will make you feel so much better all year long. Here are some tips for getting that garage spic-n-span and clutter-free in no time!

Get Your Cleaning Supplies Ready

Before you drag out the first items be sure to have all of your cleaning supplies out and ready to go. You will need some old rags, a broom and dustpan, a telescoping duster, and a shop vac. 

You might also want a blower and heavy-duty degreaser. In addition to these classic cleaning supplies, have a ready supply of large trash bags–some for trash and others for donations. The job will go much more quickly if you aren’t running in and out of the house in search of whatever you need to use next. 

Plan to Throw Things Away

If your garage is anything like most garages in the United States, it could probably do with a fair amount of decluttering. Garages are often full of old items that have sat there for months or even years. We all get attached to our stuff, but if you no longer use it it is doing nothing more than taking up space. 

If you are ready for a serious garage cleanout, pull everything out of your garage and onto the driveway. Then, you can sort through everything as you put it back in–keeping only the things you actually need. Everything else should either be trashed or donated.

Invest in Storage Containers

Once you go to all of the work to empty out your garage, the last thing you want is to put everything back just the way it was. This is the perfect opportunity to reorganize things with new baskets, bins, shelves, and other types of storage containers. Choose a system that works for you based on the items you plan on keeping. This will free up space in your garage, make things much easier to find, and create a more user-friendly garage. 

Cleaning out your garage is a big job but few things feel better than cleaning and decluttering a space that really needs it. In fact, a clean garage is a gift you give yourself that keeps on giving throughout the year! Every time you look at it you will feel a deep sense of accomplishment. 

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