How to Clean After Using Your Kitchen

by Jess Rehll - December 19, 2022

Keeping your living space clean is a fundamentally important part of maintaining your mental and physical health. A clean space is good for your brain. 

If you don’t clean it regularly, your kitchen will quickly become unusable. Here is what you need to do.

Wipe Down the Counters

Whether you’re prepping or just eating, you’re going to need to always wipe down the counters. It’s inevitable that bits of food, spit, sauce, juice, and more will end up on every surface. Always takes a second to wipe it down. 

Even just a damp rag or paper towel can get rid of the most egregious sticky patches or crumbs. If you want to cleanse the surface a little more thoroughly you can use something like a Clorox wipe for sterilization. Be mindful of whatever your counter is made out of–some materials like wood require particular care if you want to preserve it for a long time.

Put Away Food

After prepping, cooking, and eating food, it might be tempting for you to take a break. It’s in your best interest to always give yourself one last push for energy to put everything away neatly. There are a multitude of reasons why this is a critical step. 

First of all–your food will go bad. It will become stale if left out even for just a couple of hours. The kitchen will start to smell. You might even attract bugs if it is left out for too long. Instead, use Tupperware, airtight plastic bags, aluminum foil, and cling wrap to store food appropriately. Sealing food in containers will prevent pest infestations in your kitchen.

Do the Dishes

Washing dishes is another task that often gets procrastinated because it takes place after eating. It brings a lot of the same disadvantages as not putting away food. The traces of food left on your dishware–even if scant–will start to smell after a few hours. It might even start to mold if left untouched for days. Thus, pests will be attracted to your kitchen. Beyond that, it also prevents you from using the kitchen comfortably. Nobody wants to use the sink when it’s full of dirty dishes. You also won’t be able to cook again until the dishware is clean.

Household chores can be frustrating. Coming home after a long day of work and having to continue to cook and clean can be a huge pain. But if you don’t give your kitchen the attention it deserves, the consequences of that dirty environment will quickly start to affect you.

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