What to Know Before Cleaning Your Windows

by Jess Rehll - October 19, 2022

One of the many tasks you have to do to keep your home clean and comfortable is washing the windows on a regular basis. The windows of your home let light in, and are the main tool you have for looking at the outside world while you are inside. This means that you should make sure your windows are clean and clear as often as possible.

When to Clean

The goal of any window cleaning venture is to make sure that by the end of it, your windows are clear and free of spots. The time that you choose to clean your windows may not seem that important, but it can actually profoundly impact the way your windows look in the end. The spots that occur when you clean windows tend to happen when the soap is allowed to dry before being washed off. This means that you don’t want to clean your windows when the sun is bright. Instead, you should aim to clean your windows when it is cloudy and cool, so you have more time to complete the process.

Use the Right Cleaner

Different cleaners are better for different purposes, so when you are planning to clean your windows, you want to make the right choice. The goal with window cleaners is to make sure that they don’t leave any kind of residue on the windows. You can mix vinegar and water to wipe down your windows and remove smudges. By choosing to use the right kinds of cleaners, you can minimize the work you have to do, and make it easier to ensure your windows are shiny and clear.

Choose the Right Rags

In addition to making sure you have the right cleaning products, you also need to make sure you have the right rags for cleaning your windows. You don’t want to use any kind of rag that leaves lint behind. If your rags are leaving lint, it can cause problems for the clarity of your windows. Low-lint rags or even newspapers both work really well to clean windows without leaving a bunch of lint behind.

Washing your windows is a big task, but it needs to be done if you want to get the most out of natural light in your home. As you prepare to clean your windows, make sure you have the equipment you need and the weather is on your side. Doing so will ensure that your windows look great at the end of your time spent cleaning.

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