Cleaning Jobs That Can Give You More Peace of Mind

by Jess Rehll - October 4, 2022


Cleaning is hard! This is true for everybody – no matter if you’re single or living with family. If you want a home that is clean enough to cultivate peace, you need to be cleaning on at least a weekly basis. Here are some of the most important ways to create a clean space for peace.

Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is essential to have clean. Besides your kitchen, it’s probably the part of the house that most consistently contains mess that could be hazardous if left alone. Urine, feces, hair, dead skin, and other bodily fluids lead to an environment that is ripe for bacteria. And when you’re wanting to create a comfortable space to either use the bathroom or clean yourself, you’re going to naturally want it to be as germ-free as possible! Clean the bathroom at least weekly. Wash towels and bathroom mats thoroughly. Clean the walls, sink, toilet, and floor tile with cleaning chemicals of adequate strength. Clorox, bleach, Windex, Comet, and cleaning vinegar can all be very helpful.


One subtle but impactful way that you can make your home feel a lot better is the amount of clutter you have. Clutter creates a physical and emotional mess. It means that it becomes harder to feel peaceful – even just subconsciously. If you believe yourself to be someone who has become accustomed to clutter, try to do a serious reorganization of your space. You might be surprised at the end how much better you feel. Reducing clutter makes your home more livable and inviting. It makes it a space that you want to be in. Use your decluttering as a way to get rid of superfluous items that you don’t need.

Bedroom Cleaning

Bedrooms are the spaces where you have “me time.” It’s the space where you can relax and escape from the world. If you come home after a long day to a bedroom filled with clutter, an unvacuumed floor, and an unmade bed – you’re going to feel terrible. Prioritize your bedroom every morning over communal spaces in your house (unless it’s a special case like the bathroom). Make sure not to neglect hard-to-reach spaces, like under your bed and behind cabinets.

The fact of the matter is that the discipline and individual will to clean, as hard as it may be to find sometimes, will work wonders for your space. Mentally and emotionally, you will be in a far better situation. Make sure to make such peaceful cleaning a part of your routine.

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