Why Baking Soda is One of the Best Household Cleaning Ingredients

by Jess Rehll - August 2, 2022

Figuring out the best way to clean your home can take some work. There are so many options out there. Some use harsh chemicals, while others claim to be safe and all natural. Did you know that some of the best household cleaners might be hiding in your pantry? Baking soda is a particularly stellar example.

It’s Safe and Natural

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a naturally occurring substance. It’s present in every living thing. Part of its role in nature is to help maintain an appropriate pH level for sustaining life. Baking soda is a common ingredient in cooking and baking, lending to its reputation of being safe to consume. It follows, then, that if you want a safe, naturally occurring household cleaning ingredient, baking soda is worth consideration. In fact, it’s proven to be more effective at removing pesticides from eating apples than chemical sanitizers. 

You Can Use It in Multiple Ways

One of the other beautiful things about baking soda is that there are a lot of different ways it can be used. You can use it with a scouring pad to clean stained mugs and china, mix it with vinegar to get rid of especially stubborn grime on your oven, or add it to laundry to keep colors bright and your clothes smelling fresh. Baking soda can even be used to kill ants in your home. That’s an added bonus for anyone who needs safe, natural ant control for their home.

It Can Neutralize Odors

Have you ever opened your fridge and wrinkled your nose or felt like your carpet and other fabric surfaces were developing a bit of a funk? If your home could use a freshening up, baking soda has your back. At least, as long as the odors are mild to moderate. The baking soda molecules combine with acidic or alkaline molecules that have an unpleasant stench and turn them into less offensive sodium salts. Because the baking soda molecules have to be in contact with odor molecules in order to work, it’s best to make sure that you maximize the surface area of the baking soda. In other words, simply pulling up the tab on the box and sticking it in your fridge isn’t going to be as effective as, say, putting some in a shallow, open container and putting that in the fridge.

If you want a safe, natural, multipurpose household cleaner, baking soda is one ingredient that is definitely worth considering. Whether you choose to take advantage of its abrasive nature or its odor control properties, there are plenty of ways to use baking soda to clean your house. Of course, if the process of cleaning your entire house is a little overwhelming, you can always use a professional cleaning service instead. Once everything’s been deeply cleaned, feel free to spot clean with your baking soda every now and again to maintain the results.

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