Why Your Kitchen Smells Bad and What to Do About It

by Jess Rehll - June 23, 2022

Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you can relax and rest from the pressures and stress of the outside world. But sometimes you can always relax in your own home. All too often, there is one culprit that makes it impossible to relax for most everyone – the stench wafting its way throughout the house from the kitchen. Keeping your kitchen smelling fresh as a daisy is a difficult task, but when something smells particularly rotten, you’ve got a problem. Here are three potential reasons that your kitchen might smell bad and what you can do about it.

There’s Food Rotting in the Fridge

The first reason why your kitchen might smell bad is because there is food rotting in your fridge. Even when placed in your fridge or freezer, food will still rot and go bad overtime. As the food rots and grows moldier, the stench will grow worse and stronger. But luckily, there is a very simple solution to this smell. Locate the rotten foods in your fridge and throw them away (preferably outside). Then clean the area of the fridge it was in and perhaps even clean out your entire fridge to eliminate the odor completely.

It’s Coming from Your Drain

If the smell isn’t coming from your fridge, perhaps it is coming up from your drain. Your drain can easily become a source of foul smells, since there is plenty of food waste that goes through the kitchen sink. Food and hair can get clogged inside drains and create plumbing issues. This blocked up food and gunk can start to smell and leave you wondering where it could all be coming from. Your best solution is to get a plumber to come and professionally clean and clear your drain.

It’s Your Trash

The final potential source of that foul smell in your kitchen might be simply because you haven’t taken your trash out in a while. Trash and garbage start to smell quickly, but especially food waste that ends up in the kitchen trash. Make sure that you get in the habit of taking out your kitchen garbage every time it gets full or overwhelmingly stinky to promote proper sanitation and a better smelling kitchen and home.

Your kitchen can be the source of many foul smells, from many different sources. Figuring out which of the many potential causes is the root issue for your kitchen smell can be a challenge. Consider these three potential smell sources if your kitchen smells bad to get the problem solved right away.

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