What to Focus on When Cleaning Your Kitchen

by Jess Rehll - June 29, 2022

Keeping a clean home is essential for a safe, comfortable, and relaxing home. Keeping your home clean, on the other hand, is a never-ending task. Just when you think you’ve gotten everything clean, before you know it it’s back to a mess. One area of the home that is constantly getting dirtied and cleaned is the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home, so it is only natural that you are going to have to clean it frequently. Here are three areas to focus on the next time you are cleaning your kitchen for a sparkling clean kitchen.

Scrub Grease and Grime

The first important thing to focus on when cleaning your kitchen is to scrub the grease and grime carefully when you clean your kitchen. Grease and grime can easily build up all over your kitchen, from grease splattering from pans, spills, and foods. While it takes some additional elbow grease to get these harder stains out, it is worth it for a clean kitchen. Dig in with a rough scrubbing sponge or ball of steel wool to get those caked on and sticky stains up.

Clear Out Your Cabinets

After you’ve scrubbed carefully, you should focus on clearing out your cabinets in your kitchen. How many times do you wipe down your kitchen cabinets per year? Maybe once? Twice if you’re very clean? But you need to go through your cabinets to clean and eliminate clutter. You can make more room by going through your kitchen and tossing expired items. You can also reorganize with everything down in a way that makes more sense for your kitchen now. When you clean you should clear out your cabinets to keep them clean, eliminate expired foods, and keep things organized.

Your Fridge

The final area that you should focus on when you clean your kitchen next is your fridge. The fridge is another under-cleaned kitchen appliance that should be higher on all of our priority lists. Your fridge holds your perishable food, so you should make sure it is clean at all times. Every month you should wipe down your fridge shelves and drawers to get rid of any dirt, crumbs, debris, and other messes that may have built up.

Cleaning your kitchen comes with a lot of aspects, it is not as simple as cleaning, say, your living room. But with the right areas of focus you can make a serious improvement to your kitchen cleanliness. Take these three steps next time you clean your kitchen to get it truly spotless.

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