What to Do When Cleaning Your Toilet

by Jess Rehll - June 22, 2022

Cleaning is not a task for the faint of heart. Getting rid of tough messes, stains, spills, and accidents can take hours of hard work. But having a spotlessly clean home that keeps you and your family safe from disease and illness is well worth the trouble. A crucial area of your house to clean are your bathrooms, and there is no bathroom cleaning task quite as dreaded as cleaning the toilet. But it is a task that must be done! Here are some tips to help you know what to do when cleaning your toilet.

Wear Gloves

The first thing that you should know when cleaning your toilet is the importance of wearing gloves. Whenever you are cleaning your toilet or another very dirty surface, you should wear gloves to prevent germs from making contact with your skin, where they can enter your body through cuts and openings and get you sick. Single use gloves would be fine, although perhaps a bit strange. If you have a pair of rubber cleaning gloves, perhaps for dishwashing, these are a great option to wear when cleaning your toilet in order to stay clean yourself.

Use The Right Products

Another crucial thing to get your toilet perfectly clean is to use the right products when you have to clean the toilet. Just scrubbing your toilet isn’t enough to get it clean. You need cleaning supplies that will kill the bacteria and germs you are trying to eliminate. Before cleaning, you should make sure the products are safe for the sewer system. Not all cleaning products are safe for pipes and the sewers, so do your research in advance to avoid causing an even bigger issue for yourself down the line. Focus on high quality cleaning products for your toilet.

Scrub In the Cracks

The final thing that you must do to get your toilet perfectly clean is to scrub close to cracks and corners in your toilet. In the corners and hard to reach crannies of your toilet is where bacteria, mold, and germs will try to hang on tight. You have to scrub carefully to get rid of everything. If you are going to clean, you might as well get it spotless.

Keeping your bathrooms clean can be a struggle for even the most die-hard cleaners. But with the right tips in mind getting your toilet spotless is within reach. If you follow these three tips, you are ready for a perfectly clean toilet every time.

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