Critical Places You Don’t Think to Clean

by Jess Rehll - April 28, 2022

A clean house is critical not only for the safety of your home, but for your family’s health. Make sure you’re cleaning all the areas of your home that could collect dust mites and bacteria. Add these areas to your cleaning routine to ensure you keep your home as clean as possible.

Underneath Furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space in your home. A surprising amount of dirt and clutter can collect underneath furniture, but it is out of sight, so it’s out of mind. Cleaning underneath your furniture can not only get rid of dust and dirt, but you may also find some treasures. Every left sock that’s gone missing might be mysteriously under your couch. That DVD copy of your favorite TV show might be hidden under your night stand. It’s important to move your furniture and clean underneath it every once in a while, especially if you have kids or pets. Take one day a week, and clean under the furniture in your home.

Around Your Bed

Because people spend so much time in bed, a lot of dirt and dust can gather there! Cleaning your sheets is great not only for the cleanliness of your home, but also for your overall health. The dust mites that gather there can cause itching, coughing, and even asthma attacks. You should wash your sheets every 1-2 weeks. However, it’s not just your sheets that need cleaning. Your mattress can be a source of dust and mold that makes your allergies worse. Your mattress can pollute the air within your room, and make it start to smell. Having your mattress professionally cleaned twice a year can reduce these symptoms, and prolong your mattress’ lifespan.


Over 15,000 house fires are started every year from a buildup of dryer lint. You might think just scraping the lint from the drawer is enough cleaning for the machine, but it actually takes more. Dust and lint can get trapped in the dryer vent and lead to dangerous outcomes. If you notice that your dryer isn’t working as well as it used to, or that it takes longer to dry a load, check for a buildup of lint. A professional cleaning service can get rid of any excess lint quickly and inexpensively. This not only makes your dryer work better and last longer, it saves you from the risk of a house fire.

Having a clean home can help lower depression, and keeps you and your family healthy. However, don’t let your cleaning routine become stagnant. Don’t forget to clean some of these areas that you may have missed in your regular tidy.

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