Tools You Should Always Have on Hand to Avoid a Plumbing Mess

by Jess Rehll - March 14, 2022

Water damage can be a seriously catastrophic issue for you and your home. Water damage can cause wood rot and other structural issues in the home that can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. One of the most common causes of water damage in the home is leaking pipes, which can spill water into your home right under your nose. In order to prevent plumbing leaks to get in your way, you need the right tools to maintain them. Here are three tools that you should always have on hand to avoid a plumbing mess.

A Wrench

The first essential tool that you should always have on hand with dealing with a plumbing issue is a wrench. Wrenches are the essential tool of the plumbing trade, as the artist is to his brush and the plumber is to his wrench. Your wrench will help you loosen pipes and bolts with ease, pipes are usually secured very tightly to prevent leaks, so dealing with these by hand will be impossible. Invest wrenches of a variety of sizes and lengths so that you always have a tool that can reach anywhere you need.

A Plunger

Another essential tool to have on hand any time you are handling a plumbing issue is a plunger. You never know when you might need a plunger to clear a pipe. A plunger can help unclog a drain as well as a toilet. It is usually much easier and faster to unclog a drain with a plunger than by trying to snake a drain, or manually remove it from the pipe. Plungers will solve most blockages properly and cleanly every time. Don’t be caught without a plunger, it will save you from a lot of very hard work.

A Flashlight

The final tool that you should always have with you when working on a plumbing issue is a flashlight. Many pipes are buried deep in cabinetry, layered on top of each other, and snaked in hard-to-see areas. A flashlight will help you work while you are handling hard-to-see pipes. A flashlight helmet or headband can be nice, but a lantern type device or regular flashlight will also do the trick for you.

You can handle most plumbing issues without the help of a professional plumber. But that is only if you have the proper tools. Make sure that you have these three tools on hand at all times for your plumbing projects.

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