Household Cleaning Supplies That Should Be Inaccessible to Children

by Jess Rehll - March 3, 2022

Keeping your house clean is a task that must always be done, even though it might be difficult to fit in your busy schedule. Whether you are cleaning your house, or whether you’re hiring professionals to keep it clean regularly, household cleaning is a chore that will help keep your home tidy, organized, and healthy. That being said, there are some household cleaning supplies that could be dangerous for curious children. Here are a few household cleaning supplies that should be inaccessible to your children.


First off, one of the household cleaning supplies that you’ll want to keep out of the reach of children is bleach. If a child drinks, inhales, or ingests bleach in some way, it can be very harmful and dangerous to their health. Bleach can damage the lungs of your child, making them more susceptible to infection and disease. Even just breathing in strong bleach fumes can cause dizziness or nauseousness. If bleach is being used to clean your home, make sure that it is kept out of reach, and rinsed away thoroughly after use.


Another household cleaning item that should be kept inaccessible to children is ammonia. Ammonia can cause severe irritation to the skin and eyes. In serious cases, this can affect the respiratory tract and eyes, and could result in lung damage, blindness, or even death. A lower exposure to ammonia can cause throat and nose irritation. This irritation usually occurs if one is exposed to ammonia through the air. If ammonia is used in your household, use it with extreme caution.

Bathroom Cleaners

Finally, many different types of bathroom and toilet cleaners can also be harmful to a child. These cleaners contain sulfates. Sulfates can cause damage to the lungs and internal organs. They can also burn the eyes and skin, as well as cause an asthma attack. If you are worried about the safety risks of using bathroom cleaners, try using a safer substitute, such as baking soda, soap, and borax, or a green cleaning product.

So remember, if you’re trying to keep your house clean, make sure that bleach, ammonia, bathroom cleaners, and other cleaning supplies are out of the reach of children. You never know when curious little hands will try playing with or drinking an unfamiliar liquid around the house. Make sure that you follow these tips constantly to keep any children out of harm’s way.

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