The Most Important Things to Clean in Your Kitchen

by Jess Rehll - February 18, 2022

The kitchen serves many roles. It is the heart and center of the home; a great kitchen is bright, warm, engaging. But one thing that a great kitchen is not is dirty. In fact, dirty is the last thing that you want a kitchen to be. For the food that you eat and prepare in your kitchen to be clean, your kitchen must also be clean. While you must clean your whole kitchen, there are a few key areas you don’t want to miss. Here are the three most important things to clean in your kitchen.

The Counters

The first important thing that you must clean in your kitchen is the counters. No matter what material your countertops are made of, they will hold and allow for germs and bacteria to thrive if you don’t clean them often enough. You need the counters to be clean to hold your food, allow you to prepare and cook, and to make sure that no one gets sick in the process. Be sure to wipe down your counters every time you prepare a meal, and after each time you handle raw meat.

Your Sink

The next important area of your kitchen to clean is your sink. To clean your dishes properly in the sink, your sink itself must be clean. Otherwise, you are just scrubbing your plates and silverware with dirty water. Plus, a dirty sink can allow for food material and waste to get stuck in your pipes. Clogs in your sink can lead to serious plumbing problems like burst pipes. Make sure that you scrub down your sink and be sure to have your plumbing cleaned every now and again as well.

Your Stove Top

The final important thing to clean in your kitchen is your stove top. The stove top is an important area to keep clean since it is an area that can easily be exposed to raw food materials that can grow bacteria and germs. You want your stovetop to be clean so that you are cooking food on a dirty surface. Be sure to wipe down your stove top when it is cool, and make sure that there are no food materials on it after you cook.

Your kitchen is an important area of the home. And it must be kept clean to serve its functions and keep you and your family healthy. Make sure you are cleaning these three areas of your sink often and properly to maintain a clean kitchen.

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