How to Clean Up Your House for the Spring

by Jess Rehll - February 18, 2022

As the seasons change from winter to spring, a sense of renewal comes along with the shift in weather. Spring is a great time to clean up your house in preparation for the warmer months and a variety of activities. Use the boost of energy and rejuvenation from the new year to get your home in tip-top shape for the months to come.

Deep Clean in Hard to Reach Spaces

A tidied house can be deceptively clean with months of dust and grime buildup in hard to reach spaces like on ceiling fans, under furniture, on high shelves, or behind large objects like tables or TVs. Buckets and Bows reminds us that dusting can remove allergens from your home, which is especially important during spring since there is usually an influx of allergies during this season because of pollen.

Put Away Your Winter Clothes

Since the weather is changing, you won’t be needing your winter clothes much longer. This is a great time to pack away your winter clothes until the cold returns because winter clothes are often very bulky. These clothes crowd your closets and drawers, making it difficult to access the rest of your clothes. Be sure to carefully pack away clothes since you may be storing them in less-ideal spots of your home like the basement or the attic with varying moisture and temperature levels. According to SmartStop Self Storage, vacuum-sealed bags help protect your clothes from mold. This storage method will keep your winter clothes spotless and fresh for the next winter season while taking up the least amount of space as possible.

Declutter From the Holidays

The fall and winter months have many holidays and festivities, which can lead to large amounts of unnecessary clutter. Not only may you have guests staying at your house, you may also have to remove a fair amount of seasonal clutter—including extra decorations, baking pans, and packing supplies—lying around. While it can be exciting and special to keep your home festive for the holidays, seasonal clutter can quickly lose its charm and become overwhelming for your day-to-day life and routine. Once the hecticness has passed and any guests have left, immediately start clearing out holiday clutter to open up your space again.

Cleaning your home for spring will not only beautify it but also create a healthier living space. A clean house will help you literally breathe easy. A decluttered space can also help reduce stress levels and improve your mental health.

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