Home Improvements That Help You Keep Your Home Clean

by Jess Rehll - February 11, 2022

Keeping your home clean can be a pain. It requires time and energy you’d much rather spend doing other things! Thankfully, there are a few easy simple home improvements that can completely transform your space into an easily cleanable, easily maintainable space. Here are a few improvements to create a home that will take little time to upkeep!

Add Washable Furniture

First improvement: replace your furniture with washable furniture. Your chairs, sofas, and tables get a lot of use that leaves them dirty and worn, and cleaning those sensitive surfaces can make you hesitant enough to wait until the “dirtiness” has damaged the surface and made it nearly impossible to fix! So, make your life easier by making cleaning easier. Washable furniture is fast, simple, and ensures that your fabrics always look brand new! Some hard surfaces are easier to clean than others, as well. For example, light grout between tiles gets dirty fast and is difficult to scrub. Consider larger slabs of stone for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms!

Replace Your Carpet

Carpet seems like the warmest and softest option for your flooring. However, carpet also easily traps dirt and allergens that get buried deep in carpet fibers. Furthermore, after only a few years of use your carpet gets matted and loses its softness and spring! Consider, instead, the benefits of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring collects fewer allergens so your family can breathe easier. And if the “warmth and softness” is something you still want in your hardwood room, add a decorative rug to both give an aesthetic element to your space as well as provide that soft surface under your feet.

Install a Central Vacuum System

Finally, make the cleaning process itself an easily accessible and fast process! Central vacuuming systems are out of sight, so there are no vacuums constantly sitting in the corner, and the “ports” of your system can be strategically spaced throughout your home so that they are always available in the spots that you need them most. Rather than a taxing chore, vacuuming or sweeping dirt and dust buildup on your floors becomes quick and easy. Plus, central vacs offer the additional benefit of larger storage capacity, less filter troubles, and an extended lifespan. Your warranty should also cover any repairs that may be necessary for the life of your central vacuum system.

Home maintenance is a chore no matter what. But you can make cleaning your home the easiest part of running a household! Simple changes in a few style elements the little box offer easier maintenance solutions that you will be grateful for.

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