Factors That Make Your Home Harder to Clean

by Jess Rehll - February 4, 2022

Since cleaning the house it’s a necessary chore, it’s a good idea to learn strategies that can help make cleaning your home easier and more effective. Start by dealing with obstacles that could be making your cleaning efforts more difficult.


Clutter happens when items don’t get put away properly, like dishes in the sink, shoes by the door, clothes carelessly strewn across chairs, and toys and games everywhere. Another cause of clutter is too many knick-knacks. All those decorative items need dusting and vacuuming, and worse, you need to move them to clean under and behind them.

It’s time-consuming and exhausting to clean around clutter. To address this, you’ll have to develop better organization habits and declutter. Learn to put items away as soon as you’re finished with them, and instruct your family members to do so, also. And, get rid of all those dust-collecting knick-knacks.


It’s only logical that the more rooms you have, the longer it’s going to take to clean them all. There may be rooms you can clean less often—the guest bedroom, for example—but the kitchen and the bathrooms need thorough cleaning on a regular basis. These are areas where sanitation becomes an issue.

However, don’t make the mistake of neglecting to clean unused or little-used areas of your home. A larger home can potentially mean more pest problems are hidden away. Take the time to clean closets, storage areas, and basements, also. This allows you to inspect for pests and problems as you are cleaning.


Anyone who has tried to lug a vacuum cleaner up a flight of stairs understands the difficulties of cleaning a multi-level home. A two-story house, especially if it includes a finished basement, takes a lot of physical effort if you don’t plan ahead.

The best way to clean a multi-level home is to store cleaning supplies on every level. Buy a plastic bucket or caddy and fill it with cleaning sprays and solutions, along with sponges and rags. This means you will also have to buy extra floor cleaning tools, but in the end, it will save you time and steps.

You’ll finish your house cleaning more quickly if you remove some obstacles that cause you time and effort. Your house will be cleaner, and you’ll end up with more time to spend on things you like to do.

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