What You Need to Know about Cleaning a Home with Pets

by Jess Rehll - October 21, 2021

Pets can bring endless amounts of joy to their humans. That is often the very reason why people seek to have them in the first place. Being a pet owner can be a pretty major responsibility though, and one that should be carefully considered before any decision to get one is acted on. Once you become their owner you are responsible for feeding, sheltering, and loving them. There’s a lot that goes into all of that. One of the most important things you can do to give your pets a good home is to make sure that it’s a clean one. Cleaning a home that a pet lives in can be a little extra tricky, however. That said, there are some things that you can do to make it a little easier on yourself.

Keep Your Pets Clean

Sick of finding fur or other pet-related dirtiness everywhere? One of the first things (and perhaps one of the easier ones) that you can do to make it easier to keep a pet home clean is to keep your actual pet clean. A properly groomed pet is a lot less likely to make a mess of your home, or at least to make less of a mess. The same can be said of their kennels, cages, and tanks. Think about it. If your precious pet is doing their business in their cage and you aren’t taking steps to keep their personal area clean, there’s an excellent chance that they’ll end up stepping or rolling in it and tracking it onto your floors, furniture, and even you the next time you let them out. If that’s not reason enough, it’s not healthy for your pet to be in a dirty cage, kennel, or tank either.

Give Your Pets Their Own Space

You know how sometimes you just need time and space to yourself for a while? Pets need that too. They need to have their own space that they can go to where they can feel safe and in control. That’s space that you need to respect, especially when they’re in there. That can make cleaning those areas a little tricky sometimes. You don’t want to invade them when your pet is using it as a refuge. Instead, wait until they are happily occupied elsewhere so that you can clean it. That may mean that you need to clean that part of your home at a separate time from when you’re cleaning everything else. It’s a bit more of a hassle, but the peace of mind you provide for your pet should be worth the extra bit of effort.

Vacuum the Carpets Frequently

If you have carpets in your home, you already know vacuuming regularly is a must. Carpets are widely considered to be the largest filter in your home, which means keeping it cleaner can only do good things. This especially holds true when you have pets. Carpets will collect fur and dander more quickly than you might expect. That can cause some issues if you, anyone in your household, or guests you might invite over happen to have pet-related allergies. If you have a pet in the house that spends much of any time at all on the carpet, you’re going to need to up the frequency at which you vacuum. Doing so can go a long way towards helping to reduce the suffering of those with allergies in addition to reducing the unsightly presence of pet fur on your carpet.

Cleaning Needs Based on the Pet

All of this may make it sound like pets are filthy animals that significantly increase the amount of cleaning that you need to do around your home. In some cases that is absolutely true. In other cases, however, that may not hold true. The type of pet you have is going to have an impact on the amount of cleaning you need to do. There are many breeds of puppies with different allergen levels. Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Huskies all shed quite a lot and will require you to keep up with cleaning both them and your home on a frequent basis or risk having everything covered in fur and hair. Poodles, Afghan Hounds, and Yorkshire Terriers shed far less, reducing the amount of increased cleaning you’ll need to do, at least in the case of the cleaning that’s due to shedding.

House Training Your Pets

No one wants to walk into a room of their home to find that a pet has left them a “present”. Some pets tend to go to the bathroom in the same place over and over again, which can mean you’re in for a rough time if you don’t nip that sort of behavior in the bud, and quickly. Fortunately, some pets can be house trained, which can cut down significantly on the amount of that sort of cleaning that must be done. House training your pets takes time and dedication, but the end result should be worth the effort. While you’re at it, set some boundaries for your pets while they’re indoors. Train them to stay off of furniture and leave other furnishings alone to reduce damage and the amount of cleanup you have to do.

It’s also a good idea to consider how pet-friendly your flooring is. Some flooring options are more durable and easier to clean than others, which can make them more suitable for a home that has pets.

Choose Your Cleaning Products Carefully

As a pet owner, the health and wellbeing of your pets matters to you. You would never want to put them in danger, but that can happen if you aren’t careful about the cleaning products you use. Cleaning products with hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and ammonia can be dangerous to their health. Choose your products carefully and be careful about how you use them too. If you aren’t sure what’s safe for your pet, be sure to ask your vet for advice.

Cleaning a home that has a pet in it can seem like a thankless and never ending task. If we’re being honest, that last part is definitely true. There will always be cleaning that can be done, no matter how thorough or how frequently you clean. That said, taking steps to make things easier on yourself can go a long way towards making it seem less like an exercise in futility. Do it right, and you’ll be able to devote less time towards cleaning your home and more time towards your pet.

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