How Can I Make Laundry Easier?

by Jess Rehll - February 9, 2021

Laundry can be a miserable job—particularly if you are a parent. You have to wash, dry, organize and fold everyone’s clothes to make sure they are ready for the next week. But is there a way you can make a laundry tornado easier to manage? Of course, there is!

Set a Schedule

Unlike other chores, laundry isn’t one that is easy to notice and do immediately. It may require a schedule. Establishing a specific “laundry day” will help you make sure it gets done on time. Saturday is usually a good day for most families, but it may be different for you.

Ask your kids (if they are old enough) to bring their clothes into the laundry room on Saturday morning. Set alarms and notifications on any devices they have so they remember (set one for you as well). With a schedule in place, you will be more motivated to do the job quickly and effectively.

Set Up Your Space

The setup of your laundry room can also impact the way you do dishes. Traditional laundry rooms have space for the washer and dryer, but they also have organization in place in between loads. Buying organizational bins for each family member or load can be a great way to ensure everything gets done.

Other features can be nice to have as well. Drying racks for air drying clothes, cupboards for washing accessories, and an area where you can fold clothes are excellent. Having the right kind of sink can also make your job of pre-washing much easier.

Find Better Appliances

You might be thinking: “These suggestions are great, but what if your dryer is too slow to get the laundry done in one day?” If this is you, you may want to consider buying some better appliances. Not only will it cut your time washing clothes in half, but you will be more pleased with the results in general.

Buying new appliances may be overwhelming for your budget. But by saving gradually over time, you will be able to afford new machines. Your washer and dryer may not be in bad condition, and if that’s the case try to sell them as a type of down payment on the newer models.

Laundry time can be a much better time if you want it to be. It may take some work to get the organization right, but it can pay off in the end and reduce your chance of headache. The quality of life is worth the price!

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