How to Deep Clean Your Home Like a Professional

by Groovy Maid - September 29, 2020

How to Deep Clean Your Home Like a Professional

No matter how tidy it is, every home needs to be deep cleaned at least once a year. It’s a big task, so it’s common to feel overwhelmed or not know where to start when it comes to a deep clean, but we’ve got you covered. To help you deep clean your home like a professional, we’ve split up our advice into two sections: general tips to keep in mind in every room of the house, and room-specific tips to make sure you don’t miss a single thing.

General Tips 

These general tips can be applied in every single room of the house. They’re here to help you make a plan, make sure you don’t forget anything, and clean in a way that saves you time and won’t create extra work for yourself. 

Clear the Way

Clear out the visible clutter from all of your rooms before you start your deep cleaning. The key here is visible – if you can’t see it and it’s not in your way, don’t worry about it now. This will save you the time of moving and putting away items as you go through each room, allowing you to simply clean and move on.

Clean From Top to Bottom

To keep from having to redo areas you’ve already cleaned, make sure to start at the top of a room. There’s no sense in vacuuming just to wipe the ceiling fan later and watch as all the dust settles on the floor you just vacuumed. Going top to bottom ensures that any mess you create from cleaning will be taken care of as you go.

Cleaning Windows and Window Treatments

To save on time, use the vacuum cleaner with the brush appliance to vacuum the dust from the sills, tracks, blinds, and even the curtains of your windows. 

Empty and Wipe Out Garbage Cans

Before starting on the rooms, go ahead and empty the garbage cans and wipe out the insides. They tend to get a little messy and smelly over time, especially if any bags have ripped. Wiping them down before you start ensures that you won’t make a mess in a freshly cleaned space.

Don’t Forget Light Switches and Door Handles

It’s easy to forget to clean the light switches and door handles, but these are some of the biggest germ-collecting spots in your home because they are frequently touched. A deep clean is the perfect time to sanitize these problem spots.

The Kitchen

Germs tend to accumulate in the kitchen because of all the food that is prepared there. During a deep clean, you’ll need to pay a little extra attention in certain areas.


Now’s the time to make sure you clean out the inside of your appliances. Wipe out the microwave, empty the crumbs from your toaster, clean your oven inside and out, and wipe the shelves of your fridge. It’s also a good time to pull them away from the wall and clean anything that might be hiding behind or underneath them and to vacuum the coils of your fridge.

Cabinets and Drawers

Wipe down the top and front of your cabinets and drawers, then go for the inside too! You can place paper or shelf liners down to make for easy cleaning next time around.

Sink and Countertops

Spend a little extra time disinfecting your sink, paying careful attention to your faucet and the crevices in and around it. When disinfecting your countertops, include the backsplash as well. 

The Bathrooms

Of course, you’ll need to do the normal wiping down of countertops and mirrors, but for the other parts of the bathroom, you should spend a bit more time during a deep clean.

Tubs, Showers, and Sinks

Before you do anything else, spray down your tubs, showers, and sinks and allow them to soak for a few minutes in order to break up any dirt and oil that has built up. When you return to them, they’ll be easier to scrub down. If you have cloth shower curtains, you can stick them in the washer. If your shower curtains are plastic, you should spray them and clean them too. Make sure you also clean the shower head and all the faucets.

The Toilet

Allow the spray to sit for a moment on the toilet, too, being sure to spray the base as well. When you come back to scrub the toilet, make sure you get under the seat, under the rim, around the base, and even behind the toilet. These are areas that we don’t see, but where germs linger.


We know you might usually skip it, but a deep clean is the time to get your grout white again. Scrub the grout with a bristled brush and grout cleaner or vinegar, water, and baking soda. 

Common Areas

Aside from the normal cleaning tasks, like wiping tabletops, dusting picture frames and vacuuming floors, there are two main things you’ll need to focus on in your common rooms during a deep clean: your upholstered furniture and your electronics.

Upholstered Furniture

Remove all cushions to vacuum underneath them and in the crevices of your upholstered furniture. These are areas that dirt tends to settle and hide. You’ll also want to move these items away from walls and vacuum the floors and clean the baseboards. 


Take the time to clean your remotes – these are especially germy because of all the hands that touch them. Also make sure to and dust off your electronics, including the top of your DVD players, cable boxes, and video games systems. Dust the front of your TV and computer screen with a cloth or feather duster (tip: DO NOT use cleaning liquid on your screens as it will damage them). 

The Bedrooms

During a deep clean, you’ll still need to wipe down all surfaces and clean your bedding, but the main difference in the bedrooms is that you’ll need to get under and behind your furniture and you’ll need to dust and wipe other neglected areas like headboards. If your furniture is too heavy to move because it’s full of clothes, use long vacuum cleaner attachments to get under them.

Enjoying Your Clean Home

With these tips for deep cleaning your home like a professional, you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner home in no time. And deep cleaning your home is no small feat, so you should take the time to really appreciate your now spotless house, and relish in the fact that you won’t need to do it again for a year.

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