Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean During the Moving Process

by Jess Rehll - May 5, 2020

It’s no secret that moving sometimes takes longer than you anticipate and can be a challenging process. One way to ensure that your move stays on track is to create a plan. An effective plan should be sequential; for the first step, consider maintaining a clean home for the duration of the move.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

There are many benefits of getting rid of items you don’t need while packing for a move. First, it makes sense not to move household items that you know you are not going to use in your new home. This includes items, such as expired condiments, items to be donated, junk drawer treasures, and items you no longer use . Moreover, this means less clutter to navigate around as you move. Decluttering means that you will have more room to dedicate an area in which to sort and pack.

Hire a Cleaning Company

You have plenty to do when moving. There is sorting, organizing, and packing to contend with as well as the actual transportation of your personal belongings. Hiring a cleaning company prior to the move means one less thing to worry about. A professional team saves time that you can devote to other responsibilities. A cleaning company ensures that your belongings do not need to be dusted off when they arrive in your new home. You will also appreciate moving out of a clean house and having it ready for its next owners.

Clean As You Pack

If you prefer to clean your house as you move, do so as you pack. Make a list of items you want to keep and items you can do without. Then, go through each room and clean and pack as you go. Taking it room by room enables breaking down a longer move into separate steps that can be completed in as little as a few hours per room. It also guarantees that you will be reviewing what you want to keep and what you don’t need. Clean from top to bottom so that you do not have to clean furniture and floors twice.

Moving need not be a stressful experience. Moving from a clean house offers peace of mind as there is no need to return to clean later on–probably the last thing you will want to do after the move. Instead, you can spend your time settling into and enjoying your new home.

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