How to Properly Store and Take Care of Electronics to Help Avoid Clutter

by Jess Rehll - January 30, 2020

Electronics play a big part in our everyday lives. It’s important that you take the time to properly store and take care of them. Not storing and maintaining your electronics can lead to unwanted clutter around your home or even worse prevent the functionality of these devices. This article provides a few tips to not only keep your electronics in great shape but also help minimize the electronic clutter around the house.


Just because cord clutter is a common occurrence in many homes doesn’t make it any less acceptable. Leaving cables tangled for an extended period of time can lead to them being permanently damaged. It also looks unappealing.

To combat cord clutter, look into cord management. Many companies sell products that combat this but tying up your cords with zip ties also works just fine. Use outlet covers to cover up any unused outlets, as this will prevent dust and other small particles from entering them. Along with keeping your cords and power strip nicely organized and untangled, keep in mind that plugging too many items in an outlet can cause fires.

Laptops and Tablets

Laptops and tablets allow you to do so much wherever you go. Having them within arm’s reach when you’re using them is great but can be an eyesore when they’re just randomly scattered across the house. Whether you’re frequently using them or not, there are ways to keep them organized whether they’re in use or not.

Setting up a location to charge your laptop and tablet is a great way to organize and charge them when not in use. This can be used not just for your laptop and tablet, but for other electronic devices as well. When using them throughout the day make sure to keep them both within a central location to prevent your electronics from scattering around the house.

Donate Old Electronics

If you have electronics you know you’re never going to use again then consider donating them. Don’t let outdated tech that you never use pile up in your home. Dig through your drawers and boxes and look for any tech you no longer use. Make sure to delete any personal data on your old devices before donating.

Your home is a reflection of you. If it looks good you tend to feel good. Having your electronics properly stored and taken care of will have your home looking much cleaner and organized. Take some time out of your day to organize your electronics. It might just simplify your home more than you think.

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