Black Mold 101 for Homeowners

by Jess Rehll - January 6, 2020

Black mold is not only unsightly, but it can also cause allergies and other respiratory issues. It can also damage your home. When there is a large amount of black mold in a house or other building, it can pose serious health issues as well. The good news is that black mold can be removed and prevented from coming back when you take the proper steps.

What Exactly is Black Mold?

What is known as “toxic black mold” is also called stachybotrys chartarum. The most common cause of this type of mold is a water leak, especially one that goes undetected for any amount of time or is in an out-of-the-way area. Unlike many other types of mold, stachybotrys chartarum contains mycotoxins that can cause serious health problems. Some of the problems that mycotoxins can cause include immune system suppression, internal organ damage and cognitive impairment. Aside from health risks, there is also a risk of structural damage to the home when there is a high amount of mold.

Where Can It Be Found?

According to New Eagle Real Estate, black mold can be found in drywall, floor tiles and even gutters. For example, black mold is often found underneath the surface of floors after a leak or flood. Because mold can grow in places where it’s not visible, it’s essential to call on the help of a professional if you think you may have mold. The sooner you find out where the mold is, the sooner you can make sure the mold is removed.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

According to ServPro, getting rid of black mold involves throwing away affected materials and repairing the damaged areas to help keep the mold from returning. Commercial mold-killing solutions, as well as bleach and water mixtures, can be effective in killing mold. The cost to have a professional remove mold can vary depending on where the mold occurs, such as a smaller area, like a crawlspace, or a bigger space, like an attic or wall. Removal may cost as little as $500 or as much as several thousand dollars. The good news is that most mold removal techniques, when performed correctly, are effective in the long run.

Dealing with black mold is always frustrating, and the health risks it poses are frightening. However, the mold can not only be eradicated but also prevented from returning with a thorough cleaning, especially after an area has been exposed to excess moisture.

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