4 Cleaning Tasks You Didn’t Realize Are Necessary for Pet Owners

by Jess Rehll - January 30, 2020

You love your pet, and your furry friend provides you companionship and affection. But pets also are a source for germs like bacteria. Here are some tips for cleaning tasks you may be overlooking to help keep a happy and healthy home.

Food and Water Dish

NSF International has determined that your pet dishes are among the five most-contaminated places in your home. Whether your pet’s food and water dish are metal or ceramic, they need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Running them through your dishwasher is a good way to thoroughly clean them. If you don’t have a dishwasher, cleaning them daily in soapy water and doing a weekly soak in dilute bleach is recommended.

Curtains and Furniture

Even if your pets don’t climb onto your furniture, their hair and dander can cover any textile surface. Many pet owners put blankets over their furniture to avoid this, which means the blankets need to be laundered regularly. Another place pet hair can reach is your curtains. Vacuuming regularly cuts down on the amount of hair, and periodically laundering curtains and removable furniture coverings is a good idea.

Eliminate Traces of Fecal Matter

Dogs and cats bring small amounts of fecal matter into your home every time they come inside. A cat’s litter box is another source of this material. Wherever fecal matter lies, bacteria can grow and can possibly cause you to become ill (doctors refer to these illnesses as zoonotic). Experts advise that fecal matter in the carpet attracts bacteria. Having a professional deep cleaning of your carpet is the best way to eliminate microscopic traces of fecal matter.

Clean Pet Toys Regularly

Because your pets use their mouths to carry their toys, and, frankly, dogs can soak a toy with slobber, it is important to select toys that can be cleaned as well as to select the time to clean them regularly. A scrubbing with soap and water followed by a soak in dilute bleach is recommended for hard toys. Throwing soft toys into the washer is recommended by experts. Badly damaged soft toys should be replaced as cleaning them is not effective.

You love your pets! Keeping a clean home for you and your pets is important. Doing these frequently overlooked tasks will help you and your pets stay healthy by reducing the sources of dangerous bacteria in your home.

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