Why You Should Always Clean Under Your Sink

by Jess Rehll - December 17, 2019

Cleaning is essential to keeping a happy home. Not only does a regular scrubbing ensure your living space is neat and tidy, but it’ll also help to keep you safe. It’s easy to get big spaces polished, but you may not always tidy up underneath your sink. However, you should, and here are some reasons why it’s a good idea.

It’s Out of Sight

Obviously, you may not always reach underneath your sink daily. It’s just one of those areas that homeowners skip over when doing chores. As such, gunk can quickly accumulate. For example, many residents store chemicals under the sink. Bottles have the potential to leak over time, and those harsh liquids could be leaking into your cabinet. You won’t ever find potentially dangerous materials if you never clean under the sink.

Water Damage

Water damage is always a concern for homeowners, but it’s a bigger risk if you never clean underneath the sink. Think about it. Your pipes are consistently pushing water through from the faucet. While you will easily notice dripping taps, leaks underneath can remain undetected if not inspected regularly. Continual leakage leads to rotted wood. If left untreated long enough, the damage can spread into the flooring. P4P puts it best by saying if you leave a leaking pipe alone without having it repaired, you can end up paying for costly damages later. Besides physical damages, uncleaned sink areas with leaks can also lead to mold. If you are sensitive to allergies, mold poses health risks. You’ll have to move quickly to control the moldy conditions. To remedy the situation, it’s always recommended to get up excess water and dry out the area. Bleach may also be needed to effectively remove the mold.


If you ignore cleaning your sink, pests may take up residence there. Cabinets are dark and can be damp, and that’s an ideal place for different pests. Rodents, like mice, thrive in such a condition, especially if there is something edible nearby. Furthermore, mice are adept at easy entry; they can nudge their way into tiny holes for access. You’ll be disgusted to open your dirty sink doors and find rodent droppings. Insects also love to move into cabinets. It won’t take long to see cockroaches or ants crawling around your home attracted by the water. Boxes and cardboard, such as those that house trash bags make good meals for these annoying creatures. Cleaning under those sinks is a simple solution to keep pests at bay.

Remember, take a few minutes to deep clean under your sink. It’s easier to prevent problems, such as water damage and bugs, than to correct them.

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