What You Should Clean Around the House During the Winter

by Jess Rehll - December 16, 2019

Spring is a popular time of year to give the entire house a good cleaning. However, you should clean three important areas during winter too. For a safe household throughout winter, clean your carpet, fireplace and dryer house.

Carpet Cleaning

Most people spend more time inside their homes during the winter, making this season a good time for professional carpet cleaning.  According to All Ready Janitorial, dust, allergens, and bacteria get trapped in your carpet. You don’t want to breathe the built-up pollutants and allergens from your carpet throughout winter. Your carpet will dry faster when you clean it during the winter as well because your heating system is running. A lot of dirt tends to be tracked inside the house during winter, which is why it’s usually the best time to have a deep cleaning. You don’t want to give the dirt time to settle into your carpet. Going too long without carpet cleaning can result in permanent damage.

Clean Your Chimney

Creosote, a sticky deposit that collects in the fireplace walls, becomes extremely flammable over time. Cleaning your entire fireplace every year before using it for the cold season keeps your home and family safe. The best way to clean your fireplace is to hire a certified chimney sweep. They are good at detecting ventilation problems and deterioration as well as thoroughly cleaning the fireplace. A professional can inform you about the fireplace’s condition too. To limit creosote buildup, you can use a chimney sweep log and ensure your fire always get sufficient oxygen. If you want to clean your fireplace yourself, first check that you can reach all areas. When you’re not able to clean all areas, it’s not a task you can do yourself. GBW cautions that failing to properly clean your chimney before using it could start a fire. The smoke chamber is an especially important area to clean that isn’t easy to reach in some fireplace designs. To clean your fireplace, cover the hearth with a tarp and tape poly sheeting over the fireplace. Slip a vacuum hose inside and seal it with duct tape. Place the shop vacuum outside and begin vacuuming while brushing the inside walls. Make sure the doors and windows are closed to prevent the gunk from entering your home again.

Clean Your Dryer Hose

Dryers are a fire hazard that not many people think of. You know to clean the lint filter, but you should also clean the dryer hose routinely. Buckman Law warns that the leading cause (34%) of dryer fires are from failing to clean them. To clean your dryer duct, disconnect the dryer and remove the clamps that keep the vent pipe attached to the exhaust. Carefully pull the vent pipe from the duct. If your dryer runs on gas, be extra careful to not disturb the gas line. Use a dryer vent cleaning kit to clean your hose at both ends.

Remember to have your carpets, fireplace and dryer hose cleaned during the winter to maintain a safe home. Dirt and allergen buildup in carpets hurts your indoor air quality. A dirty fireplace and dryer hose can cause house fires.

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