Why You Should Deep Clean Your Bathroom Regularly

by Jess Rehll - November 7, 2019

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your house, and it is often one of the dirtiest. Since it often gets so disgusting, it’s a place that few people enjoy cleaning. However, regular deep cleaning of your bathroom is vitally important to you, your health and even your finances. Although it shouldn’t need to be stated, there are many reasons that you should make deep cleaning your bathroom a priority. Here are three of the most important.

A Clean Bathroom is Good for Your Health

Allowing your bathroom to get dirty, moldy and disgusting is more than just gross ; it’s bad for your health. Germs thrive when you don’t clean, and those germs can make you and your family members sick. Additionally, pests like cockroaches love feeding in damp places, such as bathrooms. Keeping your bathroom clean will keep the bugs and bacteria away. That, in turn, will keep away other germs, and this will keep you healthier. And remember, flushing your toilet can spread germs onto areas where your hands and toothbrushes go. Closing the toilet’s lid before you flush and keeping up with regular cleaning can make it harder for these germs to spread.

Cleaning Prevents Long-Term Damage

Stains can build in bathrooms and become incredibly hard to clean, leading to long-term damage. Additionally, since so many things in your bathroom are used so frequently, such as the toilet, sink, shower drain and more, if you don’t regularly clean these items, they can become damaged and lose their ability to function over time. Moisture buildup encourages the growth of mold that can damage the walls. In the end, keeping things clean can save you money because you won’t have to replace bathroom fixtures or walls before their time.

A Clean Bathroom Helps Your Ability to Sell

Did you know that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house when it comes to your ability to sell your home? Keeping your bathroom clean will help to make your house easier to sell, particularly because cleaning prevents messes from building up over time. Additionally, the damage your bathroom can accrue when you don’t keep it clean on a regular basis can cause damage that is expensive to repair or take thousands of dollars off your homes’ value. 

Not keeping your bathroom clean can have repercussions in areas that you probably haven’t even thought about. There are many reasons your bathroom is so important to you, and that doesn’t say anything about the simple pride of walking into a room and feeling good about its condition instead of embarrassed.

Don’t have the time to deep clean? Too grossed out by toilets? Let us do it for you!

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