4 Things You’re Forgetting to Clean

by Jess Rehll - November 15, 2019

All homeowners know that regular maintenance and cleaning are essential parts of your home upkeep. However, there are often things that can go unnoticed because they are rarely seen or considered. Knowing what these areas are, and adding them to your cleaning list now, can help prevent problems down the line and keep your home in tip-top shape.


At first, the idea of cleaning your dishwasher may sound odd. After all, its purpose is to clean. What many people don’t realize, though, is that dishwashers can become dirty and may even harbor bacteria. Soap scum, food particles, and grease can all build up on the surfaces of your dishwasher, including the racks where you place the dishes. Filters can get clogged and filled with gunk. These problems lead to dishes that are less clean and less efficiency from your unit. Thankfully, cleaning the dishwasher is not a daunting task.


The top of your doorframe is probably a major dust repository. The main reason is that most people simply cannot see up that high. The problem is that with loads of dust accumulating, people walking under the doorframe will often stir it up and cause it to spread out over the rest of the room. Taking dusters and cleaning wipes to the top of all of your doorframes can have a noticeable impact on the amount of dust in your home.

Throw Pillows

Most people know the need to regularly wash the pillowcases of those pillows we use while sleeping. Fewer people realize the need to wash the throw pillows we use less frequently. The problem is that, with any surface, dust and grime will steadily build up over time. This is doubly true if you actively use your throw pillows for support while sitting or napping. Even the most delicate of throw pillows can and should be washed occasionally to prevent grimy buildup and prevent nasty odors from setting in.


Exterior gutters are other areas that often become neglected based on the “out of sight, out of mind” principle. However, this can be a dangerous thing. Dirty or clogged gutters can lead to extensive property damage. The entire point of a gutter is to safely and efficiently funnel water away from your home. Clogged gutters can lead to spilling and overflow of water. In turn, this may lead to water building up around your foundation and seeping into cracks. It can also cause water to cascade down your siding and into any cracks or holes in windows, brickwork, etc. This type of damage can be extremely expensive to repair.

Your home is your castle. It is natural to want to keep your home as neat and clean as possible to give yourself a healthy and safe living environment. By being aware of the hidden issues that can sometimes pop up and cause big problems, you can take preventative action.

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