4 Reasons Groovy Maid is One of The Best Pittsburgh Cleaning Services!

by Groovy Maid - February 28, 2019

We Want To Provide a Service You Can’t Stop Talking About.

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Have you decided to start researching Pittsburgh cleaning services? What do you look for when hiring a house cleaning service?

We are a local cleaning service here in Pittsburgh. Our main focus for our company is YOU. No service is any good if they don’t care about their clients. We offer our Pittsburgh cleaning services to everyone in and around the area. We make sure we put a smile on the faces of our clients and would like you to let us put one on yours, too!

Here Are 4 Reasons We Are One of the Best Pittsburgh Cleaning Services

  1. First of all, Groovy Maid makes the booking process as easy as ABC. Actually, you can book your cleaning online in the same amount of time it takes you to sing the alphabet. Our online booking system will make your life easier from the moment you decide to work with us. Quick and easy to follow is our goal.
  2. Another great reason we are a top rated cleaning service is that we offer instant prices from our website. As a result, you’ll know your price for your home before you schedule your cleaning with us. We’re straight forward and to the point with our clients. Our company won’t blindside you with any hidden fees, either. If there is an issue with your cleaning or you need additional options that would cost you more, we confirm them with you before proceeding. Therefore, you always know what you are paying with our cleaning company.
  3. Our cleaning service doesn’t lock you into a contract because we don’t believe in them. Of course, we love it when clients book recurring and stay with us, but we don’t make them do it. So, we want our service quality to be the reason you stick around. We want to know it’s us keeping you and not an unfair contract forcing you to use a service you are unhappy with. You can cancel anytime you want for whatever reasons you have because that is a decision we can’t make for you.
  4. Finally, Groovy Maid has built a great online presence and our reviews on Yelp and Google show you everything our cleaning service has achieved. They’ll show you our struggles, as well. We like to be as transparent as possible with our clients. This means you get to see all the good and the bad. We have had ups and downs. Our small business is focused on our clients happiness. We’re here to make sure you are pleased with your cleaning and smile when you think of our cleaning service.

I think you’ve been looking us.

These are great reasons Groovy Maid is one of Pittsburgh’s top rated cleaning services. We have many more we’d like to share with you. You’ll just have to experience them for yourself. Fortunately, you can book your cleaning faster than you can recite the Baby Shark song.

Come see what we’re all about at Groovy Maid!

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