5 Quick Tips to Help You DeClutter Your Home

by Groovy Maid - May 2, 2018

5 Quick Tips to Help You DeClutter Your Home


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Is your home so packed full of clutter that you don’t know how to handle it?

Clutter doesn’t just make it harder to maintain a clean and tidy home – it can also cause serious
amounts of stress and anxiety. Studies make us feel more overwhelmed and frustrated. When you’re
surrounded by clutter, you may find it harder to concentrate or struggle to achieve a feeling of inner

Unfortunately, decluttering a home is a big task and something that many of us attempt to avoid. The
good news is that if your belongings have begun to pile up, you don’t need fancy tools and techniques
to declutter your home – all you need is a solid strategy.


Tip 1: Do a Little Bit at a Time

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make, is assuming that they can successfully declutter
their entire home in one day. Unfortunately, getting rid of your old junk takes a lot of energy, effort,
and concentration. After all, you’re not just organizing the items you own, you’re also making
decisions on whether you should keep them, donate them, or throw them away. Work on a room for
about twenty minutes, then take a break and regroup! It’s also best practice to use a basic routine
cleaning checklist to keep focused and work efficiently.

Tip 2: Stick to One Room

While it’s tempting to get a change of scenery when you’ve been stuck decluttering one room for
hours, it’s important to work until the tax is done. Pick a room that you want to declutter and set a goal
for yourself. For instance, maybe you want to end up with at least three bags of trash before you move
elsewhere. Setting goals and pushing yourself to accomplish them is a great way to make sure that
you don’t lose focus while you’re tidying.

Tip 3: Consider your Belongings Objectively

One of the toughest parts of decluttering is deciding what you want to get rid of. We all form
attachments to the things we own over time. Taking a careful look at your possessions and how often
you’re using them is a great way to push yourself to make a choice. If you haven’t used something in
more than a couple of years, ask yourself whether it’s genuinely adding value to your life and home.
Remember, outdated, broken, and unusable stuff should always go in the trash, regardless of how
unhappy you might feel about throwing it out.


Tip 4: Give yourself Options

Remember, decluttering your home doesn’t necessarily mean that you must throw all the items you
don’t use in the trash. While there’s likely to be plenty of things that you don’t have a use for anymore,
there will also be items in your collection that you’ll want to keep for sentimental or personal reasons.
It’s okay to hold onto something that you feel a strong connection with. Additionally, if you do decide
to get rid of something, but you think it could benefit someone else, there’s always the opportunity to
donate your clutter to charity, rather than throwing it away.

Tip 5: Remember that There’s No “Perfect Time” to Declutter

Finally, a lot of homeowners avoid decluttering for months because they’re waiting for the “right
time” to really get stuck in and sort through their belongings. However, the truth is that there’s no
perfect moment to get rid of the clutter. Take time out to declutter the rooms of your home regularly,
so that your collection of belongings doesn’t get out of hand. By doing a little bit each day, you can
save yourself from some marathon cleaning sessions later.

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