How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Dust Bunnies!

by Groovy Maid - March 2, 2018

How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Dust Bunnies!


For many homeowners, dusting seems like the easiest of household chores. You simply take your cleaning tool of choice and run it across the dusty surfaces. What could be easier? Well, there may be some things about dusting that the not everyone knows.

For instance, did you know that feather dusters are considered just about the worst thing you can use to dust down your house? They do more dust spreading than dust cleaning, and they are awful at collecting dust after the first few minutes. Even if you can’t see the problems they are causing because you are using them in out of the way places, you should know that feather dusters are usually not the best way to clean much of anything.

You are better off with a microfiber cloth, which can clean effectively, even if it takes a lot longer. It’s a lot of work to use a microfiber cloth on everything, so you need to make sure you are using the right tool for each job.

Vacuums are excellent at cleaning dust off of walls, if you have the right attachments. Anything with a brush attachment should work well at cleaning all kinds of walls. Just take your time and try to not push too firmly down on the vacuum as you work. You may also want to remove any pictures or other hangings from the wall before you vacuum.


For baseboards, the best cleaning tool is a damp cloth. You can simply perform a single swipe to get rid of dust hiding there. You probably don’t want to use the same tool for the baseboards as you do for everything else, since that is where the dust tends to be the heaviest.

Your electronics will attract all sorts of dust, but using the same cleaning methods on them as you do everything else can produce some disastrous results. You don’t want to use a damp cloth on most electronics, as there is a chance that it can spread water inside the electronic device and damage it. You can use a microfiber cloth for most electronics, and you want to ensure that you get all the dust off the cords, outlets, plugs and crevices of the electronics. If you don’t, then that dust can get inside the machine or clog it up, causing electrical failure or other problems.

You can use your brush vacuum attachment to get rid of dust hiding in vents too. It’s not just useful for walls. Once you have used the brush attachment, you will have most of the dust removed, but for the rest of it, you can simply use a damp microfiber cloth.

If you are having trouble keeping anything in your home dust free or cleaning without leaving a mess behind, then just look up specific dusting tips for that part of your house. There is a right way and wrong way to dust everything in your home, and hopefully our tips have helped you learn a few things about the best way to get your dusting done.

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