The Importance of Keeping Your Home Clean During Flu Season

by Groovy Maid - February 21, 2018

The Importance of Keeping Your Home Clean During Flu Season

flu season

The dreaded flu season strikes in the United States between December and February.  To help prevent the spread of these germs, it is necessary to clean and disinfecting your house thoroughly.

Value of Cleanliness

Hygiene is a person’s first line of defense against getting ill and becoming easily susceptible to germs. The flu virus can last from two to eight hours on hard surfaces. You can become infected without even knowing. Wash your hands and keep them clean. Do not tough your face and mouth, rub your nose or eyes, and bite your nails even if your hands are clean. Wash your hand for 20 seconds several times daily. Dry your hands thoroughly since wet hands can spread germs more than the wet ones.

Make use of disposable cups in the bathroom. Refrain from sharing bath or hand towels especially if there is a sick member of the family. For the meantime, replace cloth hand towels with paper towels. Separate the toothbrush of the ailing person from those used by other family members. Put a trashcan inside the room of the sick loved one for used tissue paper. The bin must be lined with a plastic trash or grocery bag to reduce contact with bacteria.

Empty the bucket and change the plastic bag once every day. To disinfect the can, wash with clean water before wiping dry using a formula of one-half cup bleach and three-fourths gallon of water. Let it stand for not less than two minutes before rinsing with water. Dry under the sun. Dust is not only irritating but harmful if somebody is sick. Dust all furniture pieces particularly the headboard and stands. Vacuum and sweep the floor including all corners and beneath the bed.

flu season

Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect

Understand the definitions of each term:

Clean means scrubbing briskly with water and hand wash. It removes dust and dirt but is not capable of eliminating bacteria. You need to wash before sanitizing and disinfecting.

Sanitize make use of a devices like the steam cleaner or dishwashing apparatus. It diminishes germs on surfaces according to public health standards.

Disinfect refers to the use of disinfectants that can eradicate almost 100% of viruses produced by flu and colds.

Use paper towels to clean and disinfect surfaces. The sponge and dish towels have become sources of bacteria. It is necessary to disinfect them between periods of use. Replace your sponge every two weeks to get rid of the microorganisms.

flu season

Create a Sanitizing List

Create a checklist of objects and areas in time for the flu season concentrating on the germ-prone areas of your house.

  1. Telephones – More than 80% of phones have germs on them. Clean your phone extensively during this period. Try to use the phone soap charger, a cellular charger that cleanses said devices.
  2. Remote Control – This is a device that people handle often inside the house. According to research, more than 60% of remote gadgets have the flu virus. Make sure to disinfect the piece of equipment several times weekly.
  3. Microwave Oven – The microwave is a small household appliance use to prepare meals. It is handled by almost all members of the family except for infants and toddlers. Use alcohol-based wipes with disinfectant to clean the microwave every other day or even daily.
  4. Door Knobs and Cabinet Handles – Germs remain longer on these knobs so clean and wipe with disinfectant every day.
  5. Pillows and Bed Sheets – Linen and pillow cases are prone to acquiring fungi that lead to allergies. Wash them thoroughly and allow drying under the sunlight at least once every week. Use bleaching substance to eliminate the bacteria. Clean your washing machine as well.
  6. Water Faucets and Kitchen Counter – Clean the kitchen counter and water spouts all year-round particularly during the flu season. You can use disinfecting spray or products such as vinegar gel cleanser.


Other points of contact that you need to clean well, sanitize and make germ-free during the flu season are: light switch plates; hand rails; toilet flush equipment; soap pumps; computer keyboards and mice;

Anti-Flu Devices

Households can opt for products like humidifiers as well as air purifiers during the flu season. Research revealed that homes with 40% up to 60% humidity will likely contain fewer airborne bacteria and microbes on various surfaces. The humidifier can prevent germs from gathering inside your domicile specifically during the cold winter months by reducing moisture levels. On the other hand, air-purifiers like the UV air purification devices help prevent molds and mildew from building up in HVAC systems. Purifiers manage to deal with allergens, remove germs, and reduce irritations brought about by the allergy season.

Natural Purification

Consider natural products for purifying your homes. Essential oils are ideal for diffusing because of their nature as potent antimicrobials. Decontaminate the house using microbe-exterminating cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, clove, pine, lavender, and thyme. An effective concoction for diffusion consists of one drop of clove and two cloves each of mandarin and cinnamon. Or, try to grow houseplants inside your abode due to their capability in the removal of pollutants and other toxins.

Some herbal oils have purifying and detoxification properties like cypress, carrot seed, grapefruit, angelica roots, rosemary, and lemon. By adding these herb-based oils to soap, unscented lotions, and bath salts, you can get rid of contaminants and wastes from your body. Another useful tip is to put a bit of rosemary to roasted chicken since it helps screen your body from respiratory conditions.

Prevention is the First Option

It is always beneficial to prevent sicknesses such as flu. Maintain the cleanliness process every week during the flu season to prevent the spread of virus inside the house. Keep in mind that babies, kids, and older adults or grownups are easily affected by germs. Adopt an aggressive attitude instead of waiting until someone gets sick before you make any move.

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