Environment-Friendly House Cleaning Tips for Moms

by Groovy Maid - November 21, 2017

Environment-Friendly (Green Cleaning) House Cleaning Tips for Moms

green cleaning

For moms, the most important thing is keeping their kids and the environment around them as sanitary as possible. However, in their war on bacteria, germs, and dirt, moms may be making things worse. There are dubious environmental and health implications of the traditional petroleum based cleaning products that most moms use. There are a wealth of cleaning products that you can opt for instead of using toxic cleaning substances that annihilate every single thing in their path. Moreover, these green products will keep your living space smelling fresh, clean and without the detriment of toxic substances. We have compiled a list of environmentally friendly house cleaning tips for moms below.

Maintain a healthy indoor air quality

It is very common for the air inside your living space as a mom to be more toxic than the air outside. The fact that buildings are insulated than never before brings about the presence of toxic substances and materials. As a mom, you can keep toxins flowing outside and allow fresh air is flowing in by keeping your windows as open as possible which is especially critical when cleaning your home.

Use green cleaning products

In the recent past, there have been more and more green cleaning products which are very effective that have started to hit the market. This is highly contributed to the knowledge of the impact and detriment of conventional cleaning products to our environment by more and more people. Many of these green cleaning products are non-toxic, made from renewable materials and not petroleum and are biodegradable. However, the homemade cleaner can do the job just fine if designer labels aren’t for you. Baking soda and vinegar can be used to clean almost everything in your home. You will always get yourself an all-purpose cleaner by mixing either of the two with a little warm water.

When using anti-bacterial cleaners, be extra careful

During the cold season, the antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaners that most moms deem necessary never clean your hands better than water and soap. Moreover, they may also add the risk of breeding super germs which are bacteria that have resistant offspring that can survive the chemical onslaught of cleaning products. After research by the Food and Drug Administration, it has been discovered that the antibacterial hand cleansers and soaps do not perform any better than regular water and soap and should be avoided at all cost.



Use natural means to sanitize your indoor air quality

Try boiling cloves cinnamon or any other herbs that you have a fondness for instead of using your store-bought air fresheners. There is a pleasant aroma that has been known to be created by chocolate chip cookies. Although plants may not bring a different smell to your house, they have been known to be perfect for filtering and improving indoor air quality. Peace lilies or any broad green leaf plant are an excellent choice.

Dispose of your toxic cleaning products with great care

Don’t just throw the old one in your bin or trash when replacing your toxic cleaning products. The products will not be suitable for your landfill or drain if they are too harmful to your home. Purpose to attend the electronics and toxic recycling days where these products will be taken care of off your hands. By throwing you’re toxic used up products, cans may find a way to come back to your water supply and haunt you.

Conventional dry cleaners; avoid them

The largest consumers of the industrial solvent known as Perchloroethylene or perc happen to be the traditional dry cleaners. The solution is detrimental to human beings and leads to the creation of smog. Green Earth cleaning and carbon dioxide cleaning are the two most commonly used green dry-cleaning methods. As a mom, when you need a house cleaning service, seek out firms that make use of green cleaning methods.

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