What to Expect When You Hire Pittsburgh’s Best House Cleaning Service

by Groovy Maid - May 3, 2017

What to Expect When You Hire Pittsburgh’s Best House Cleaning Service



Pittsburgh's Best House CleaningJuggling a career and family life is hard enough. Add to that the hassle of cleaning and household chores and it’s enough to make anyone stressed out. But hard as it may be, everyone likes to live in a clean house. Coming home after a long day to a dirty house can be seriously off-putting.

The solution? Hiring Pittsburgh’s Best House Cleaning Service, Groovy Maid.  They offer top-notch cleaning service in all of Pittsburgh, and that to via a hassle-free channel, ensuring you have the peace of mind and a clean home.

Here are some of the perks you can expect if you choose to let Groovy Maid, handle your cleaning needs.

  • Trained cleaners

The trained cleaners employed at Groovy Maid are the best in their field. They will ensure your house is sparkling clean once they are done. TheyPittsburgh's Best House Cleaning bring their own cleaning products and do not shy away from tough tasks. Whatever your requirements, Groovy Maid’s cleaners can handle it.

  • Extra Services

Standard cleaning service includes cleaning/vacuuming the floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, living room, bedrooms and dusting.

If you want to request additional services like cleaning out or organizing the cabinets, or cleaning the inside of a fridge etc., then these extra services can also be acquired at an additional price.

  • Reliable Service

Pittsburgh's Best House CleaningGroovy Maid (you know, Pittsburgh’s Best House Cleaning Service), understands and respects your need for privacy. Therefore, they don’t store any personal information that you provide on the website.

Additionally, all their cleaners are tried and tested and have to go through a vigorous identity and background check to ensure that your house is in safe hands.

  • Automated Online Price Quotes

No more site visits or long phone calls that test your patience. With Groovy Maid’s automated price quote service, you get your price quote to clean your house directly on their site within moments. You can also schedule a visit through the website.

  • Recurring Booking Discount

You can get a discount of up to 20% if you schedule regular appointments, for example, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments. The more you Pittsburgh's Best House Cleaninguse their service, the less you pay.

  • Referral Rewards and Gift Vouchers

If you find that Groovy Maid is as exceptional as they claim to be, you can refer it to your friends and family. This way both parties will get a reward of $25, redeemable the next time they book with the cleaning service.

  • Cash Free Payment

To make the process as secure, transparent and hassle-free for the customer, Groovy Maid uses a system of cash free payments. You can pay for the Pittsburgh's Best House Cleaningservice online via credit cards after the job has been completed.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

They guarantee you will be completely happy and satisfied with your experience with  Groovy Maid. To demonstrate their confidence, they offer to do a re-cleaning of your house if you are unsatisfied (within 7 days of the initial visit). If you are still not satisfied, then they will give you a full refund.


Learn More and Book Your Cleaning at Pittsburgh’s Best House Cleaning Service, Groovy Maid!

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