The Beginning of Groovy Maid – Where House Cleaning Was Changed

by Groovy Maid - September 22, 2016

In 2014, I left my position as a direct care worker here in Pittsburgh to journey off and start something of my own. I’ve always had the mindset of an entrepreneur and wanted to build something. I researched startup businesses that wouldn’t need a ton of money. In my research, I found the number one business with low startup fees the cleaning business. There are multiple stories online about people who started their own cleaning business, and had success doing so. I decided to give this a go and went out to buy the supplies and posted several ads on Craigslist. A few months in, I had built up a decent clientele doing residential house cleaning.

One morning, I received a call from a property management company. They wanted me to clean the entrance areas, hallways, elevators, wash rooms, and stairwells in several of their apartment complexes each week. Taking this on along with the residential homes I cleaned became overwhelming as an individual. This lead me into frustration because I wanted to grow the business much larger than myself, yet didn’t know how to do so. Eventually, the workload became too much to handle. I  put my resume out and got back to a stable and steady day job.

I found myself in a position that offered a steady wage and health insurance. There was a sense of safety and security in this job, but a lack of accomplishment and satisfaction. Rapidly, I grew weary and knew that this was not what I was meant to do. I still had that overwhelming drive to build something of my own.

Fast forward a few months, and the thoughts of building my own cleaning business were a constant. They were so prominent that I had a hard time concentrating on the work needed for my day job. Knowing I didn’t want to go back to cleaning alone, I again began my research and came across a forum written about starting a residential cleaning business. This forum was detailed and suggested hiring professional cleaners for the jobs while I grew the business. The more I read this forum (entrepreneurridealong) the more information I had to move forward properly this time around. With that, I put my two weeks notice in and jumped back into it.

Taking all of the information I had gathered I started making my moves. I set up my website,  chose a software I wanted to use that provided online booking and online payments for the client, and went to work. Needing to put together ads, both for hiring qualified cleaners and bringing in interested clients, I searched for sample ideas to gain an understanding of what was needed. Making these ads took time and my initial ads were changed and optimized several times. However, once I had them down, I began my search.

From that point, the main concern was learning how to market efficiently. Beginning this, my main source of paid advertising was threw Thumbtack. This worked very well for gaining clients who were already interested in a maid service. Since then, I have been experimenting with different marketing methods. I still utilize Thumbtack, post in Facebook groups, utilize Craigslist, and have tried Google Adwords. I’m still learning, and I plan to learn continuously.

Today, Groovy Maid has been in business for just over six months and has made leaps and bounds. We are a small and locally owned business, with a few amazing people and myself providing the work.  There are ups and downs, but I’m excited to see where this company will be in the next year. Then the year after that, and the year after that.


Thanks for reading! Have an amazingly beautiful day.

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